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Cartoon of the political drama and the five "plagues" of the country.
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Politics Are Not an Investment Strategy

- Investments

Hello again, my friends. As I write this, we have just received the results of our latest Presidential election here in the US. While we have cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria, I thought I would try to pour some cooling waters on the raging fire of our panic. I like to aim high. [...]

A historical map of the constellations
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Game-ify Your Financial Life with 25 Money Hacks

- Potpourri

I’ve been collecting little items of wisdom from a variety of financial sources I read, so rather than focus on one topic this month I wanted to give you a quick and easy-to-read list of 25 money hacks you might find worthwhile. Feel free to use what speaks to you and save the rest for later…or not, as the case [...]

Victorian-era men working at a machine
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What You Earn: The Forgotten Lever of Financial Life Planning

- Financial Planning

In my time as a Financial Life Planner, I covered just about every topic under the sun: death, disability, having kids, taking care of aging parents, beliefs and habits around money…you name it. I had to get used to having honest conversations with people about how much money they make, too. Yes, what you earn is a critical component of [...]

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