An old, black-and-white advertisement for shoes made by Joseph Leckie of Edinburgh. There are drawings of shoes with the prices attached, and a banner with the company name and location.
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What's the Best Financial Advice You Ever Got?

- Potpourri

I recently saw an article on MSN asking readers to post the best items of financial advice they ever got, so I decided to do my own riff on it. I ventured out onto the Interwebs and also asked some friends for contributions. Here is a list of my 10 favorites: [...]

A drawing of an 18th-century woman holding a tiny man in her hand.
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An International Women’s Day Exhortation

- Financial Planning

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8 I’m going back to a presentation I gave a few years ago at a women’s event in Seattle. The title of my presentation was “Get Your Financial Sh*t Together,” and it focused on some of my learning from working with women clients over the years. [...]

Two women trying on gloves and saying how small they make their hands look
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Let’s Talk About Lifestyle Creep

- Financial Planning

Even if you haven’t heard of lifestyle creep, I’ll bet you have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. Lifestyle creep is the very human and potentially damaging phenomenon of increasing our spending to match our increases in income. [...]

Cartoon of the political drama and the five "plagues" of the country.
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Politics Are Not an Investment Strategy

- Investments

Hello again, my friends. As I write this, we have just received the results of our latest Presidential election here in the US. While we have cats and dogs living together and mass hysteria, I thought I would try to pour some cooling waters on the raging fire of our panic. I like to aim high. [...]