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Ten Reasons to Go to Egypt

- Potpourri

I just spent two weeks in Egypt, so I'm diverging from financial topics this month to sing this wondrous country's praises.

A sepia-toned photograph of people in galabeyas, walking with their camels in and near the Nile. Date palms and a pyramid are in the background.
Nothing can compare.

I was fortunate enough to take a two-week tour through Egypt this month, so with limited time to write a blog post I decided to encourage you to visit this magnificent country instead. Here are ten reasons to visit Egypt, plus a bonus because I just couldn't stop. They're in no particular order.

1. This is obvious, but please go and absorb the rich history of Egypt. Ancient artifacts, architecture, and monuments are everywhere.

2. The people are warm and friendly.

3. The weather is warm and friendly, especially if you're from the Seattle area like I am.

4. The food is wonderful. Their tomatoes taste like real tomatoes and their bananas taste like real bananas. And those are just two examples.

5. The landscapes are breathtaking.

6. The culture is fascinating.

7. The money you spend supports these wonderful people and is important to their economy.

8. The opportunity to learn about Islam firsthand is good for those of us who might not get a balanced view.

9. You will meet some lovely fellow travelers who share your interests.

10. Your mind will be broadened. You will learn a lot.

11. A bonus for you: tomato-flavored potato chips. Trust me on this one.

I hope you will take this as inspiration for your own adventure to Egypt. There is so much more to it than my eleven items, so check it out for yourself. I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

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